Cuore Camps

This past week I partnered with Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project  to put on three volleyball camps in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Since going to the University of Minnesota for college, I try to get back there to either run camps and build the volleyball community or to see old college friends at least once a year. This time I had a great five-day long trip where I was able to mix work (if you call coaching volleyball work) and pleasure. Thursday started out with an all-skills camp at the University of Minnesota Morris.

What I loved about this camp was the chance to share my different experiences and skills with the team.  Not only did we play a little volleyball but we also worked on other skills like communication, teamwork, leadership and trust.  Thanks to the great services of Stephen McCarthy, we were able to make this volleyball camp different from others.  Thank you to all that helped at the camp and I hope to be back soon.

Friday was a day where I took the time to do Private Pop ups.  One of the highlights of the week was working with the athletes 1-on-1 to improve their games.

Once the weekend arrived, I was ready for full days of volleyball and learning.  On Saturday and Sunday, we had an All-Skills camp and a Setter camp.  I was impressed by the dedication that these young athletes and their parents and felt honored by the turnout and the trust placed in me to lead these young ladies in the right direction. The group was able to get a lot of touches on the ball, and all came out improved volleyball players. From communication to leadership and teamwork, these athletes learned valuable life skills that will extend well beyond the game.  I am confident that they will continue with the skills learned during camp and know they will have a great school tryout in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again to Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project for organizing these camps and bringing me back out to Minnesota where I always love to be a part of the volleyball community. #Cuore

A quick trip to Dallas to appear at Premier All-Star Camps. This was a special day. I had the chance to meet 180 campers, tell them my story, show them some tips and give high fives and hugs. The love that I felt in Dallas was amazing. I could see the excitement in their eyes the minute I walked in – and it never faded. Thank you again, Premier All-Star Camps, for giving me an opportunity to inspire and change lives.  #Cuore