For Lindsey Napela Berg, born and raised in Hawaii and presently residing in Los Angeles, California, Cuore, the Italian word for heart, is more than just a beautiful word; it is a lifestyle and the cornerstone of her brand. 

Lindsey has traveled the world and has not only reached the most renowned level in the volleyball world – playing for her country in the Olympics three times – as two-time captain, she has led her team to two silver medals in 2008 (Beijing) and 2012 (London).

Her world travels coupled with  her innate desire to inspire people to pursue and conquer their goals, Lindsey developed a deep love and admiration for diverse cultures, fashion, art and a genuine gift for coaching and teaching. This passion has made her one of the top and most sought after “setter” coaches in the world.

Lindsey’s middle name, Napela, is a family name and represents the importance of staying true to your heritage and grounded in faith. The ‘X’ symbol, representing teamwork and collaboration, became her social media signature and is engrained in everything she touches. 

Many people are familiar with Lindsey Berg on the court, but this website will give you a front row seat into the world of Napela X...

The pulse of the world is a culmination of passion, determination, and a relentless pursuit of optimal output. It has nothing to do with genetics or natural ability. It is a fire that is only manifested by a rhythmic beat that echoes both silently and loudly in the souls of people who desire greatness.